FAQ + a bouquet of updates (gorjuz)

We promised an FAQ in the release post, but also there've been a ton of updates since then which we've given up trying to stuff in there as edits. See the bottom of this post for info on those if you're a real gamer. Otherwise:

Will my saves get wiped when I update the game?

No! This'd be worse than that realisation you get in 4-9.

Additionally, if you've cleared the demo, the full game will know and warps will open. Theoretically, saves from v0.2.2 (the first demo we released) should still work in v1.0.5.

Where did this come from?

We mentioned this briefly on the info screen, but it started life in the TINS game jam as a weird(er) procedurally generated platformer. Not much about it was brought forward to the final product other than a couple of the assets and the fact that it was a platformer.

Thrilling gameplay teaser

When we got thinking about other mechanics we could bring in, things that frequently came to mind were Celeste's technical sections, IWBTG (for obvious reasons), Smash Bros's ricocheting punishes, and perhaps most poignantly (or oddly) arcade racers like Sega Rally Championship.

The latter's tendency to stick an omnipresent / omnipotent timer in the middle of the screen is kind of the core mechanic of Feral Flowers; no hit points to be seen. All the flowers need to get rid of you is the natural progression of time.

Where are the saves stored?

Feral Flowers stores your progress (and a bunch of other stuff) elsewhere on your computer:

  • Windows: (your user folder)\AppData\Roaming\feral-flowers
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/feral-flowers
  • macOS: (your user folder)/Library/Application Support/feral-flowers

Note that by default, these are all hidden - you might need to enable showing hidden files or some other black magic if you're trying to access them.

Is this the new Spelunky?


I've activated the game on Steam. How do I move my saves across?

The Steam version of the game uses the same saves as the Itch one, so this should happen automatically.

Note: achievements you would've got in the Itch version won't be carried across to your Steam game - so if you've started using the Steam version, our advice is to keep using it.

Are there secrets?

Yes (and a prank)

What are your development rig(s)?

All of them are Intel Core i9 (15th Gen (Bristol Estuary)), we usually overclock them also the memory (it's DDR5 64GB), and GeForce 3090s (but not SLI) + 2TB Seagate Pitch Black + 8TB BarraCUDA core HHDs for storage / Sound Blaster, we found a few old Dell power supplies and those seem to work fine. Windows 10 Home editon

Our development tooling

How many people worked on the game?

Hundreds, possibly thousands.

Who made the graphics?

Spy from TF2

Updates to the game

There's currently a known issue where restarting from the final level results in a weird 0-0. We think we've found a fix (solved by using Godot 3.4) and it'll be up soon hopefully. New engine version = whole game needs retesting though so yeah.

Here's everything that's changed between release and v1.0.6:

  • Fixed lowest time displaying 00:00.000
  • Added JamieJay to credits, the madlad
  • Fixed Windows file icon + metadata
  • Added (a very rudimentary) volume changer to the info screen
  • Capped comb shield drops at 16 (this prevents some score attack tomfoolery)
  • Fixed display weirdness on portrait dual-monitor setups
  • Fixed outro displaying 'Any%' regardless of run type
  • Fixed crash when selecting 'menu' from clear screen
  • Fixed a very rare scenario where saves made by absolute chads wouldn't be loaded
  • Updated the demo clear screen (it's not a pre-order any more)

Thank you for all of your money and kind words! 【星川】

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