Double digit ding dong: v1.0.10

Hey there darlin', hope you're keepin outta the cold. Work continues on the soundtrack album, and we're finally taking some time to work on the actual business aspect of, well, the business. Hopefully you'll see a streamer or two playing the game soon.

Aside from that, we've pushed a few updates since the last post, so it's high time for a summary:

  • There are now a couple of spots in the game where dying will show a relevant hint before the next retry. This may be particularly useful to completionists (and we'll leave it at that).
  • Added some more very helpful people to the credits.
  • Upgraded to Godot 3.4.1, which looks to have fixed a bunch of the joypad jank mentioned in the previous post.
  • Fixed a camera bug in the final scene.

If all goes well, we'll be making a start on the DLC soonish.【星川】

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