Farewell Flowers: v1.1

Art by Eden Hunter (more from him below)

Hey there gamers, it's been a hot minute. We're here to present to you the final release of the game, and it's a big patch.

First, the bad news: the aforementioned DLC won't be materialising. It's a huge project that none of us are gonna have time for (who'd have seen this coming?) - but, we have plucked a few of the planned features for this release. So all is not lost, though we are mourning that the swanky animated outro never happened.

In lighter news, Feral Flowers is one of the prizes for this year's TINS, the game jam from whence it came! We've also got some fanart to show off. First things first though…

v1.1 introduces speedrun tools, cheat codes, an options menu (!) and fixes an absolute raft of bugs. Bar the release on Nintendo Switch, this is the biggest update to the game and will probably be the last (presuming no showstopping bugs). So, onto the good stuff:

Options menu

Much to the chagrin of Vim users, you can now change a bunch of settings using a menu! This is on (what was) the info screen.

If you've gone completely mad for whatever reason, you can also wipe all of your save data from here.


Ah, finally. A way to enjoy the game at your own pace.

Input these on the title or info screens. 'Pause' is P or Esc on a keyboard, or - on a Switch controller.

  • Free Play: up, right, down, left, up, right, down, left, pause, pause.
    This removes that pesky frickin' timer and thus effectively makes you invincible. Explore at your leisure!
  • Super High Jump: up x10, pause, pause.
    This gives you a much higher, floatier jump. The game is generally far easier to play like this.
  • Unlock all warps: up x4, down, left, right, right, pause, pause.
    Note that this won't unlock boss achievements on Steam, though you can still get them by playing said bosses.

Caveats: Free Play and Super High Jump won't register Steam achievements and won't save the game, so you can't open new warps while cheating (unless you, ahem, used the 'unlock all warps' cheat beforehand). To disable cheats, restart the program.

Speedrun tools

Yes, it's a timer.

Wow, look at this slowpoke. 17 seconds to move off the first platform? It's almost as if he was taking a screenshot.

Enabling the speedrun tools provides you with a handy timer and will skip the outro on game completion, taking you straight to the clear screen.

However, it's probably worth mentioning this is a little more than a timer. Run variables are also displayed after the slash as a code:

CodeWhat you did
PPaused the game (run is invalid)
WTook a warp
QGot all quince
RGot all red quince
!Got everything
Free Play
JSuper High Jump

Misc stuff

Bugfixes and tweaks were plentiful in this release:

  • The Nintendo Switch release is now rated PEGI 3+ and IARC 3+ (in Japan). The level of violence just wasn't high enough.
  • The RNG is now hit half as often while the timer is 0. (unless you're a maniac, this won't make much difference to you)
  • Quitting from the pause menu is now smooth.
  • Added a bunch more special thanks to the credits.
  • Load/save game fails are displayed on screen, should they occur. (nb. this isn't a common occurrence; something is very seriously wrong if you see these errors!)
  • Fixed the charge jump's 'ghosts' always facing right.
  • Fixed the final boss sometimes being completely white at the start of the level.
  • Fixed occasional audio glitches on the final boss (phase 4).
  • Fixed a very rare scenario where Nintendo Switch game data would get corrupted when saving a speedrun.

Fanart & assorted nonsense

Believe it or not, fanart happened. As you'll see, this is a showcase of some finely pencilled mucas and terrifying floral doom.

Eden Hunter's rendition of Quigley. The spray bottle does not appear in-game, but one other item pictured here just might.

Eden also did the sunset illustration (at the top) as a commission.

Gramps's cover art for the CoaguCast, where we done got interviewed.


Rem2Ember (an anime ratgirl) complaining about the game.
She streamed the game and, notably, got to 8-6 on her first run - which I think we can all agree was a certified gamer moment

Lucas Fenix's preferred version of the game, as shown on the Nintendo eShop.

And finally, this contribution (also from Eden).

Thank you

As the outro says: if you're reading this, you're probably pretty good at videogames. But if you're not, you need to get up and off your arse and complete the game, you lazy tyke.

Once again, we wanted to say thank you to everyone for getting us this far. The support we've gotten has been incredible, and we still regard it as relatively miraculous that this thing got released in the first place.
We will be back. 【星川】

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.


Feral Flowers v1.1.0 (Windows x64) 79 MB
Jul 23, 2022
Feral Flowers v1.1.0 (Linux x64) 72 MB
Jul 23, 2022
Feral Flowers v1.1.0 (macOS universal) 93 MB
Jul 23, 2022

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