Super cool update, don't tell mom: v1.0.12

Frog pog

What up sneezers. We had a grand ol' time last night watching Lilyhops stream the game - and once again (upon watching someone new play it through) realised a bunch of stuff needed doing. So, there's a new update today. Here's what's included:

  • Progress is now saved if you quit the game mid-run. If you quit from the pause menu, you'll additionally be shown whether any warps have opened (like usual).
  • You can now also toggle fullscreen using Alt+Enter and Ctrl+F. Originally, F11 was the only way, but mention of this was tucked away in the info menu. DOS, it would seem, still reigns supreme in the minds of many. ;)
  • A certain warp point has been highlighted a bit more. We've actually seen people skip past it plenty of times, and last night's playthrough confirmed this needed addressing.
  • Prevented some stats from being erroneously doubled upon game completion.

macOS builds are sadly delayed again, apologies - they'll probably appear early next week. That's all for now, though if 1-6 has ever pained you, you might appreciate this clip.【星川】


Feral Flowers v1.0.12 (Windows x64) 79 MB
Feb 17, 2022
Feral Flowers v1.0.12 (Linux x64) 72 MB
Feb 17, 2022

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