Gamepads for days: v1.0.7

Update: v1.0.9 is now out which fixes some of the D-pad jank described in this post.

v1.0.7 is out and includes a bunch of updates to make life sweeter for gamepad enthusiasts. We're also using Godot 3.4 now - we'll get onto what that means in a bit - but for the moment:

  • The tutorial (and other assorted things telling you which buttons to press) now pay attention to how you're controlling the game. If you're using the keyboard, you'll see keys rather than gamepad buttons.
  • You can now quit the game from the pause menu by holding L+R.

With that done, the game is now listed as having full controller support on Steam. That said though...

Jank! The Movie (The Game)

On Windows, there's some super weird stuff going on with certain gamepads (especially with the D-pad). There are some known issues with the engine that there's not a lot we can do about for now, annoyingly.

For now: if the D-pad is messing you up, use the left stick, or unplug the gamepad completely. The reason we say this is because the keyboard controls get messed up along with the D-pad. Somehow.

We've only tested this with a couple of gamepads, so if you give it a go with some fancy hardware and also encounter weirdness please let us know using the contact email.

Godot 3.4

Our Engine of Choice recently released a big update, and part of the work on v1.0.7 has been making sure nothing broke with the upgrade. Luckily, after testing the game again, there was basically no work to do and everything generally got better as a result:

  • The player used to lag behind by a frame when standing on moving platforms. No more! Additionally, this fixed some of the weird-feeling physics when jumping off moving platforms.
  • Vastly reduced input lag on Linux.
  • Fixed a memory corruption bug when restarting from the final level, where 0-0 would cease to exist (unsure whose fault this was, ours or theirs).

One more thing

Those of you who've discovered the 'yump' may note that it's far more accurate in this latest update. Previously, using it very accurately meant you'd actually get reduced height, which was stupid. This probably won't make sense to most of you. Cheers'en 【星川】

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